Water Heating 17 November 2020

What's a Rinnai Smart Cylinder?

Did you know that hot water makes up 28% of residential energy use in New Zealand?* This means that each time you get an electricity bill, close to a third of the cost is from hot water use.

Rinnai takes every opportunity to improve the efficiency of our products in the knowledge that this will reduce your running costs and shrink those nasty power bills. Which is why we’ve developed the Smart Cylinder - a water heater that can save you up to 10%** on your water heating bill.

The Smart Cylinder learns your household’s hot water habits and then only heats the water when you need it, which saves you money at bill time. Think of what else you could spend these savings on each month!

Traditional cylinders heat hot water all day, every day (even when you are sleeping). This means you are paying to constantly keep the water hot.

The Smart Cylinder is certainly smart. As well as learning your behaviour from the last 7 days, it allows you to set it to a manual mode which is perfect for those times when you have higher hot water needs (like having last minute visitors come to stay). It also has a vacation mode which will keep the water at a minimum temperature to save you power while also preventing the water from freezing while you are away. You simply select the number of days you will be away and the Rinnai Smart Cylinder will be ready to provide you with a hot shower as soon as you return home.

The Smart Cylinder has an easy-to-use control pad that makes the cylinder work smarter for you.

The Smart Cylinders are available on low-medium pressure stainless steel, mains pressure enamel and mains pressure stainless steel cylinders and in 135,180 and 250L sizes.

So the next time you need a new hot water solution, turn to someone you can trust for total home comfort… Rinnai NZ. As well as the expansive range of electric hot water cylinders (including the Smart Cylinder) we also have a comprehensive range of gas continuous flow appliances too.


* Source: Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority (EECA) website www.eeca.govt.nz
** Typically saves up to 10% on your running costs in comparison to a standard electric hot water cylinder. The savings claim is verified by results from European tapping tests. The European efficiency testing standard for a hot water system uses “tapping’s”. Tappings are calls for hot water from the cylinder at various times to simulate real life hot water use. Actual savings made will depend on the installation although savings of up to 10% are typical. Savings are influenced by several factors including cylinder size, hot water use profile and plumbing system design. Savings are made by the reduction of heat loss from the cylinder and all of the associated components in the plumbing, including pipework.

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