Blog - Heat Pumps

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

18 August 2020

Have you ever sat in the cozy comfort of your living room thanking your Heat Pump for providing the heat that is warming your toes and thought ‘Exactly how does my Heat Pump work?’ Read More

What to Expect from a Heat Pump Installation

3 August 2020

You’ve made the decision to have a Heat Pump installed, had installation companies quote for the work and signed on the dotted line…but do you really know what’s instore on the day of install? Read More

Heat Pump Terminology Explained

30 June 2020

Every industry seems to have their own jargon and acronyms that can be both confusing and daunting and Heat Pump Air Conditioning terminology is no exception! Read More

Keeping Your Home Warm this Winter

29 May 2020

With the chill of winter making its way into our homes you may have already switched your sheets out to flannelette and brought your winter clothes to the front of your wardrobe... Read More

Signs that your Heat Pump needs a Professional Service

4 May 2020

Heat Pump servicing is often overlooked as an integral part of maintaining the longevity and efficiency of a Heat Pump System. Read More

Ducted Heat Pump Air Conditioning Systems

3 April 2020

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to control the climate? Every day thousands of Kiwi’s face shifting weather conditions... Read More

Maintaining your Heat Pump Air-Conditioning System

3 April 2020

Heat Pump / Air Conditioners provide a great energy-efficient solution for heating and cooling your home. However... Read More

How to Choose the Right Heating and Cooling Solution for your Unique Space

3 April 2020

Heat Pump Air Conditioning Systems are a hugely popular method of heating in New Zealand... Read More

How to Keep Your Home Cool this Summer

4 March 2020

Here are some top tips to keep your home nice and cool this summer and ensure you get a restful night’s sleep. Read More