Is there natural gas in my street?

1 September 2016
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Gas is available throughout New Zealand. Natural gas and LPG are available in the North Island, and LPG only in the South Island. 
To find out if natural gas is available in your street, visit

Once you know that gas is available to your property, you can choose the appliance you want and sign up with a gas retailer. They will manage the process of connecting you to gas, making this process as easy as possible.

If you are connecting to natural gas, use the link above to get an online cost estimate from Vector.  They can then arrange a visit your property to provide a more accurate quote to connect natural gas from the street to your property.

This involves connecting an underground gas pipe from the gas network main in the street to your gas meter. A gas meter will be installed by the network provider and you then need to make contact with your Master Gasfitter, who will connect the gas from this gas meter into your home and then connect gas to the gas appliances you install.


Chris Glazewski • 10 months ago

Hi there,
We have a Natural gas set up on our house. But when i look at the Vector site is says no connection can be made to our house? How would this be?


Hi Chris,

I will try to help you with your question, although Rinnai does not supply natural gas – we are a gas appliance manufacturer.
You said you have natural gas set up on your house – do you mean that you have gas appliances that use natural gas?
If so, I wonder if your natural gas supplier is not Vector but another gas supplying company?

Rinnai NZ

Katherine Huggard • 20 months ago

I'm trying to find out if my street in Mt Maunganui a gas. The Rinnai site just gives information about connection costs


Hi Katherine,

To find out if natural gas is available on your street, visit

Rinnai NZ

Peter Cleary • 42 months ago

can natural gas be connected to 2/12 ingle avenue Taupo?


Hi Peter,

To find out if natural gas is available on your street, visit

Rinnai NZ

Rinnai NZ • 29 months ago

Thanks for the feedback Thorsten, we will pass your comments onto Vector.

Sam Fleming • 44 months ago


We are in the process of buying 99 Lyon Street, Kihikihi and have been told that the shops just up the road are connected to gas from the street. Is there any way of getting it further down the road etc?

Thanks in advance


Hi Sam,

Please call Vector on 0800 222 260 to check.

If our natural gas network is not an option, then an alternative solution could be LPG bottled gas supply

Rinnai NZ

Suja • 41 months ago

Can natural gas be connected to 12 bosnyak drive, te atatu south?


Hi Suja,

To find out if natural gas is available on your street, visit

Rinnai NZ

Thorsten Stanley • 30 months ago

Your website only links to vector website (which is a dog when viewed on smartphone) and incorrectly states there is no natural gas available at my property but there's been natural gas here since before I bought it in 1990! Presumably they don't report properties connected by the opposition? (I'm with Mercury at the moment) anyway this is bad for you guys who want to sell appliances I guess?? Cheers Thorsten Stanley
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