Impression Outdoor Fire Steel Frame Console Kitsets


Discontinued 2014

The Rinnai Impression steel frame console kitsets give greater design flexibility, and can reduce the installation time of the fire. Each module is a flatpack kitset with components individually labelled for easy assembly.

Kitsets available:
- Base module (R2632)
- Door module (R2631)
- Spacer module (R2633)

To view what each looks like and the possible configurations refer to the images in the installation manual within 'Downloads'.

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Product Details

Base module
Designed for the perfect fit of the Impression Outdoor Fire.

Space module (sold as a pair)
Designed to act as side units or legs. The Impression Outdoor Fire will sit perfectly between the spacers giving the installation a clean flush look.

Door module
Designed to be installed into the base module to provide easy access to either a storage area, or a 9 kg bottle housed underneath the fire.

Console cladding and finishes
The Rinnai Impression steel frame console modules can be clad and coated with a range of different materials (painted plaster, tiles, and rock veneer).

Framing durability and enclosure venting
All framing should be mounted on a paved slab 250 mm above unpaved ground and 150 mm above paved ground.

Technical Specifications

Base module (R2632)

Height - 700 mm
Width - 1700 mm
Depth - 470 mm

Spacer module (R2633)

Height - 560 mm
Width - 250 mm
Depth - variable

Door module (R2631)

Height - 570 mm
Width - 1160 mm
Depth - 80 mm

Suitable for these products

Rinnai Impression Outdoor Fires