Rinnai Enamel Mains Pressure Indoor Hot Water Cylinders

Easy replacement option for your old electric cylinder.

Rinnai Enamel Mains Pressure Indoor Hot Water Cylinders

Rinnai enamel mains pressure indoor hot water cylinders offer exceptional performance and reliability under a wide variety of water conditions. With a range of slim diameters, they are an easy replacement option for your old electric hot water cylinder.

Peace of mind
NZ designed and engineered and backed by Rinnai after sales support and a 7 year warranty*

Energy efficient
- Curved element design ensures 98% of water is heated
- No cylinder wrap required, all Rinnai cylinders meet the NZ Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS)
- Smart Cylinder option also available

- Large range of sizes (30-300 L), there's an electric hot water cylinder to suit every need
- Easy replacement, 488 mm and 590 mm diameter, matches traditional NZ cylinder sizes
- Auto reset thermostat option available for solar and hot water heat pump applications

Future proof your home
Eco inlet connection allows connection to an open loops hot water heat pump now or in the future.

* Please see the owner and installer guide in the 'Technical' tab for full warranty details
Designed & engineered in NZ MEPS compliant 7 year warranty Unique foam formulation

Suitable for:
• Indoor installations
• Mains and low pressure systems
• Residential water heating applications

Not suitable as a pool or spa heater.

Water quality
Rinnai electric water heaters are manufactured to suit most New Zealand council water supplies. However some water supplies can have a detrimental effect on the water heater, its operation and life expectancy.

Water supplies with a high level of calcium carbonate (hard water) can cause scaling on hot surfaces. We recommend a water temperature of no more than 65 °C to minimise scale build-up. Scale reducing or water softening devices should be considered in hard water areas. The unit is not guaranteed against damage due to scaling. 

Code Capacity Diameter Height Element
MEUS03040015 30 L 400 mm 540 mm 1.5  kW
MEUS03040030 30 L 400 mm 540 mm 3.0 kW
MEUS05048815 50 L 488 mm 615 mm 1.5 kW
MEUS05048830 50 L 488 mm 615 mm 3.0 kW
ME13559030 135 L 590 mm 910 mm 3.0 kW
ME18059020 180 L 590 mm 1200 mm 2.0 kW
ME18059030 180 L 590 mm 1200 mm 3.0 kW
ME25059020 250 L 590 mm 1595 mm 2.0 kW
ME25059030 250 L 590 mm 1595 mm 3.0 kW
ME250590D20 250 L 590 mm 1595 mm 2 x 2.0 kW
ME250590D30 250 L 590 mm 1595 mm 2 x 3.0kW
ME30059020 300 L 590 mm 1805 mm 2.0 kW
ME30059030 300 L 590 mm 1805 mm 3.0 kW
ME300590D20 300 L 590 mm 1805 mm 2 x 2.0 kW
ME300590D30 300 L 590 mm 1805 mm 2 x 3.0 kW

US = undersink

D = dual element option


Anode High performance anode fitted
Connections Hot and cold water connections ¾ " (20 mm)
Construction Inner tank: High grade enamel steel
Outer casing: Galvanised steel
Element Long-life Superloy 825 alloy sheathed element, incorporated into an easily removable outer plate, should replacement be necessary.
Maximum operating pressure 850 kPa
Pressure testing To 15 bar
Thermal insulation CFC-free polyurethane foam, compliant with MEPS standards.
Thermostat Robert Shaw 30 A contact thermostat, manually resettable at 85 °C. Thermostat can be upgraded to an auto-reset thermostat for solar and hot water heat pump applications.
TPR valve Rating of TPR supplied with cylinder—factory set to 850 kPa and 90 °C.
Cylinder recovery times (theoretical)

Based on a thermostat temp. setting of 60 °C and an incoming water temp. of 15 °C.

30 L

1 hr 3 mins (1.5 kW), 31.8 mins (3 kW)

50 L

1 hr 45 mins (1.5 kW), 52.8 mins (3 kW)

135 L

2 hrs 37 mins (3 kW)

180 L

4 hrs 44 mins (2 kW), 3 hrs 9 mins (3 kW)

250 L

6 hrs 34 mins hrs (2 kW), 4 hrs 23 mins (3 kW)

3 hrs 17 mins (2 x 2 kW), 2 hrs 11 mins (2 x 3 kW)

300 L

7 hrs 53 mins (2 kW), 5 hrs 15 mins (3 kW)

1 hr 56 mins (2 x 2 kW), 2 hrs 39 mins (2 x 3 kW)

Undersink dimensions diagram

135 180 250 300 L dimensions diagram


Black ABS plastic safe tray

Black ABS plastic safe tray
Four sizes to choose from. ABS plastic, an ideal rust resistant safe tray solution.

Galvanised safe tray

Galvanised safe tray
Two sizes to choose from. Galvanised safe trays are the traditional hard-wearing drip tray for New Zealand hot water cylinders.

Seismic cylinder restraint kit

Cylinder seismic restraint kit
Indoor cylinder seismic restraint for cylinders up to 740 mm in diameter.

Ducted Gas Heating Service Centre

Ducted Gas Heating Service Centre
Operating 5 days a week, 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday our New Zealand based customer service centre provides nothing but top quality. If you need to book in a Ducted Gas Heating service, we have a team of providers fully trained and equipped with diagnostic tools to service your appliance when you need them. 

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