Discontinued Product, please contact 0800 RINNAI for more information

Discontinued Product, please contact 0800 RINNAI for more information

Rinnai Sunmaster Electric Boosted Solar System

Rinnai Sunmaster Electric Boosted Solar System


Using the sun to heat your water is the most environmentally friendly option there is. It is also a great way to cut down the largest component of your energy bill—generating hot water.

With the Rinnai Sunmaster™ Electric Boosted Solar System you can save up to 50% of your energy bill compared to a standard electric water heating system for a medium sized North Island home of 4-5 people.

A typical solar system will provide 30-60% of domestic hot water requirements from the sun under average climatic conditions in New Zealand.

Boosting your solar system
In NZ your solar system will need boosting unless you are willing to run out of hot water. When there is insufficient solar gain (such as cloudy or rainy weather, or during winter months), the electric cylinder takes over and will heat your water just like an ordinary electric cylinder.

How a gas boosted system works

  1. 1 The sun's rays heat water in the solar panels for free.
  2. 2 Hot water from the panels is stored in the tank with a temperature and timer controlled electric element. The element is controlled by the timer, so that it is periodically turned off.
  3. 3 If the water is too cold when you use it you can override the timer and manually turn on the electric boost element. Sometime later your hot water temperature will have increased.

Water quality
Requirements must meet the standards for Rinnai solar products (refer warranty information). Hard or aggressive water will need to be treated in order to use this product.

Water pressure
The flowing water pressure in the dwelling needs to exceed the height of the solar panels. For example, the highest point of the solar collector is 7 m above the incoming water, then the water pressure needs to exceed 70 kPa to keep the panels full.

Roof pitch and condition
E-Frost solar panels perform best at roof pitches > 20°. At lesser pitches performance will be degraded. Any damage to the roof must be repaired prior to installation of the solar panels.

Pumped systems only (solar split hot water systems)
E-Frost panels are not suitable for close coupled hot water solar systems.

Frost protection
E-Frost panels are warranted against frost damaged caused by temperatures down to and including -15 °C where power is available to the system and the system is configured for low temperature mode (factory default).

The Rinnai Sunmaster™ Electric Boosted Solar System is comprised of:

• Two E-Frost solar panels
• One 215 L Hotflo cylinder
• Panel and tank fittings kits

The Rinnai Sunmaster™ Electric Boosted Solar System qualifies for the $500 EECA Energywise™ grant. Visit 'Solar water heating system details' on the EECA website for specification details.

E-Frost Panels Mounting = roof
Height x width = 1940 x 1025 mm (for one)
Weight empty = 34 kg
Space required = 1940 x 2130 mm
215 L Hotflo Cylinder Mounting = internal or external
Height x width x depth = 1265 x 760  x 760 mm
Weight empty = 107 kg
Space required = 800 x 800 mm

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