Neo Inbuilt with simple remote

Designed with versatility in mind with a choice of four frame options.
RRP $3,967 *Price above includes the engine ($3317) and frame ($650), ordered separately

Neo Inbuilt with simple remote

Combining good looks with the latest advances in technology.

With Neo's advanced design, you'll require less energy to heat your room, which means lower running costs.

A choice of framing options are available, so you can individualise your fireplace to complement your decor. Use our 'Customise your fire' feature below to see the different options available. Use our 'Customise your fire' feature below to see the different options available.

Back to basics—the simple infra-red remote makes operation easy and stress free.

Made in NZ

Suitable for
Living rooms and open plan areas. Heating area 69-107 m² (depending on gas type and where you live in NZ).

Gas type
Available for Natural Gas or LPG, specify gas type at the time of purchase.

General clearances around the Neo when operating
The appliance must not be installed where curtains or other combustible materials (coffee tables, couches etc.) could come into contact with the fire. In some cases curtains may need restraining. The 400 mm side clearance includes side walls.

Clearance to combustibles while the Neo is operating


14-30 MJ/h*


2.98-6.94 kW*



Data plate Inside the appliance on the front left hand side
Flue: decorative (mock chimney) The Neo must be installed with a Rinnai flue system. Flue dimensions; inner 100 mm, outer 150 mm.
Flue: masonry The Neo must be installed with a Rinnai flexiliner flue (Ø 100 mm).
Gas connection ½ " BSPT (flexi), the gas supply terminates inside the heater at the lower front right hand side of the appliance.
Ignition Continuous spark electronic ignition
Noise level 37-45 dB(A)
Power consumption High 50 W, standby less than 3 W
Safety devices Overheat switch, electrical fuse, and flame failure sensing system
Weight 60 kg
Market release March 2018
Compliance ES: Supplier Declaration of Compliance
• Declaration number 18792201810
• Certificate Number: 7707
* Will vary according to gas type and flue configuration

Neo Inbuilt - mock chimney

Neo inbuilt mock chimney dimensions diagram

The above dimensions INCLUDE the Neo zero clearance box

Neo Inbuilt - masonry

Neo Inbuilt masonry dimensions diagram

Flame profile
Click on the YouTube link, this shows the flame profile of a Neo gas fire, on the high setting, when running on Natural Gas—will vary depending on flue length and gas type. If the flame profile is an important part of the purchase decision, it's always best to view a working model.

Customise your fire

Choose from the options below:

Fireplace preview


Burn Media

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