Discontinued Product, please contact 0800 RINNAI for more information

Discontinued Product, please contact 0800 RINNAI for more information

Rinnai Recess Box - Composite

Rinnai Recess Box - Composite

**Discontinued September 2018**

The Rinnai Composite Recess Box is an affordable alternative to the Rinnai Metal Recess Box for housing your Rinnai Infinity unit, pipe work and power supply, and can be painted to match your house.

The composite recess box enables a Rinnai external continuous flow gas water heater to be partially recessed into an external wall, covered and out of sight. It is designed for new build installations as installation needs to commence during the framing stage, before internal linings, claddings or building wrap is applied.

The unit protrudes approximately 120 mm from the framing it is mounted to. The protrusion from the finished wall will depend on the cavity depth (if any) and the cladding thickness.

Suitable for

New construction, installation needs to commence during the framing stage and before internal linings, claddings or building wrap are applied.

  • A minimum framing depth of 88 mm
  • Installation with Rinnai INFINITY external A16-A26, VT16-VT26, and XR16-XR26 continuous flow gas water heaters

It is not suitable for fire rated walls.

A Rinnai INFINITY unit inside a recess box operates at a slightly louder level than a Rinnai INFINITY installed on an outside wall. Please bear this in mind when positioning near a bedroom as the operating noise could affect some people.

Building code compliance
Local authorities may have their own additional requirements regarding this type of installation. If in doubt over compliance with building codes, it is advisable they are consulted prior to installation.


Discontinued September 2018
Rinnai product code R1406
  • Recess box body - 10844
  • Flashing collar - 10837
  • Recess cover (door) - 10838
  • Screw pack (8 screws) - 10836
  • Grommet - 9543
  • Lower bracket A-Series - 11148*
* For Rinnai A-Series models the existing lower bracket on the water heater needs to be replaced with the bracket provided in the recess box kit. This allows the water heater to line up with the fixing holes of the recess box.
Rinnai Recess Box - Composite

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