Discontinued Product, please contact 0800 RINNAI for more information

Discontinued Product, please contact 0800 RINNAI for more information

Brivis StarPro SP6 series

Brivis StarPro SP6 series

**Discontinued August 2018, superseded by the Rinnai StarPro 6 universal series**

The Brivis 6-star heaters are cleverly engineered to use less gas than traditional ducted gas heaters. This is achieved through Quatrra™ technology, and a superior 4-pass heat exchanger with a modulating gas valve—meaning you get superior temperature control and greater efficiency. The SP623XEN and SP623XIN are also available for use with ULPG. Zoning options are available.

Allows up to four individually controlled zones, each with their own time and temperature settings.

Adaptive zoning
Allows heating to be used with one Brivis Networker contoller, operating a common zone (i.e. the hallway), as well as up to four additional zones, for example, the lounge, bedrooms, kitchen, and dining.


86-129 MJ/h


23-35 kW

Gas input
  • SP623 models = 86 MJ/h
  • SP630 models = 110 MJ/h
  • SP635IN = 129 MJ/h

  • SP623 models = 23 kW
  • SP630 models = 29 kW
  • SP635IN = 35 kW
Airflow L/s @ 100 Pa ESP
  • SP623EN - 660
  • SP623XEN = 795
  • SP623IN = 720
  • SP623XIN = 755
  • SP630EN = 890
  • SP630XEN = 1020
  • SP630IN = 1085
  • SP630XIN = 1120
  • SP635IN = 1155
Net weight
  • SP623 external models - 68 kg
  • SP623 internal models - 58 kg
  • SP630 external models - 89 kg
  • SP630 internal models - 78 kg
  • SP635 internal model - 78 kg
Market release Jan 2014
Discontinued Aug 2018, superseded by the Rinnai Starpro 6 universal series

StarPro 6 external dimensions diagram and table

StarPro 6 internal dimensions diagram and table

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Ducted Gas Heating Service Centre
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