Evolve 1250/1252 reflector panel kit (R2787)

Enhances the flame picture of the fire.
RRP $160

Evolve 1250/1252 reflector panel kit (R2787)

This kit contains two black enamel side panels, ideally installed at the same time as the Evolve 1250/1252. The black panels enhance the flame picture by producing a mirror image of the flames in the side panels.

It's difficult to convey the effect of the panels with smaller website images, but if you are interested we could email some higher resolution images.

The kit can be purchased as an accessory when ordering the Evolve 1250. Ideally the panels will be fitted during installation of the fire, but could also be retrofitted by a licensed gasfitter.

Suitable for the Evolve 1250/1252 models only.


Black enamel

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