Discontinued Product, please contact 0800 RINNAI for more information

Discontinued Product, please contact 0800 RINNAI for more information

Rinnai Portable Convector RCE506TR

Rinnai Portable Convector RCE506TR


Convector heaters heat the air in the room. Highly efficient, these heaters feature a high speed fan to distribute even heat over a wide area, and to all parts of a room. An electronic thermostat will maintain the desired room temperature. An economy setting turns the heater to a lower gas consumption without affecting the desired heating levels.

• auto electronic ignition
• convection heater with low-level air discharge
• cold air in at top and warm air out at base
• tilt switch, flame failure
• fan filter
• oxygen depletion sensor
• thermostat control
• electronic timer and remote control

Suitable for
Heating large to open plan rooms—minimum room size 52.5 m³. When using this appliance, ensure that the room is correctly ventilated.

DO NOT install in a bedroom or bathroom.

Gas type
NG or LPG. Gas type specified at time of purchase.

Colour: White
Input: 4-21 MJ/h
Output: 1.1-5.8 kW
Efficiency: 100% (unflued appliance)


Air Volume 1.5-2.6 m³ per minute
Fan Type 7-stage modulating, logic controlled—air discharge through bottom louvres
Ignition System Direct electronic ignition
Minimum Room Size 52.5 m³
Noise Level 28-40 dB(A)
Temperature Control Electronic thermostat
Weight 10.8 kg
Market Release 1995
Discontinued 2010

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