Discontinued Product, please contact 0800 RINNAI for more information

Discontinued Product, please contact 0800 RINNAI for more information

Rinnai Continuum 330 L Internal

Rinnai Continuum 250 L Internal

DISCONTINUED 2006 (replaced by Demand Duo)

Hot water storage system with a Rinnai Infinity unit connected (ordered separately), usually a Rinnai Infinity 24 with pump and thermostat supplied.

On a remote Continuum installation, with a cylinder inside and a Rinnai Infinity oustide, with the pump supplied (WILO RS256GR), it is recommended that the maximum distance from the Rinnai Infinity to the cylinder should be no more than 5 m with a 1.5 m head. This will operate successfully with a maximum of up to two Rinnai Infinity 24's, or one Rinnai Infinity 32. For larger installations, please contact you plumbing supplier for a recommended pump size.

Suitable for
To cope with peak demands for hot water in large commercial situations such as motels, sports clubs etc.

Gas type
Available for Natural Gas or LPG. Gas type specifed at time of purchase.

Storage Capacity: 330 litres
Thermostat Range: 60-85 °C


Construction Duplex 2205 stainless steel cylinder, colour steel outer case insulated with polyurethane
Cold Water Pressure 500 kPa (suggested)
Cylinder Pressure (max.) 850 kPa
Cylinder Recovery Time 21 minutes at a 50 ° rise
Delivery First hour delivery at a 50 ° rise = 1017 litres
Second hour delivery at a 50 ° rise = 720 litres
Continuous delivery at a 50 ° rise = 720 litres
Gas Supply Pressure 1.5-3.0 kPa
Pump Connection 25 mm
Rinnai Infinity 24 Input - 188 MJ/h (52 kW)
Gas connection - R¾ 20 mm
Water Flow Rate First Hour At a 40 ° rise - 1197 litres
At a 45 ° rise - 1095 litres
At a 50 ° rise - 1017 litres
At a 55 ° rise - 951 litres
At a 60 ° rise - 897 litres
Based on 90% of cylinder use (as you won't drain the cylinder dry)
Water Inlet 50 mm (to the Rinnai Infinity)
50 mm (from the cylinder)
Weight Tank dry - 76 kg
Tank full - 406 kg
Market Release 2004
Discontinued 2006

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