Discontinued Product, please contact 0800 RINNAI for more information

Discontinued Product, please contact 0800 RINNAI for more information

Infinity 24 Internal (REU-2402FFU)

Infinity 24 Internal (REU-2402FFU)


Spare parts and conversion are no longer available for this water heater.
Information such as the operating and installation instructions, specification information, and servicing information (in some cases) is still available to help support existing installed models.

Temperature controlled continuous gas flow hot water system, with status monitor, for internal domestic applications.

Compatible controllers
• MC-33-2A kitchen controller
• BC-45-2A bathroom controller
• BSC-45-2A second bathroom controller

Suitable for
• internal domestic installations
• for homes with up to two bathrooms 
Hard or acidic water will need to be treated to use this product.

Gas type
Available for Natural Gas or LPG. Gas type specified at time of purchase.

Colour: White
Input: 20-188 MJ/h or 5-52 kW
Efficiency: 5 star AGA rating
REU Number: REU-2402FFU


Capacity Nominal water capacity: 24 litres per min. at 25 °C rise (1440 L/h)
Connections Hot water outlet: R¾ (20 mm)
Cold water inlet: R¾ (20 mm)
Gas supply: R¾ (20 mm)
Exhaust System Forced flue
Ignition System Direct electronic ignition
Injector Size (mm) NG: 1.8
LPG: 1.0
Line Pressure (min.) NG: 1.13 kPa, LPG: 2.75 kPa
Line Pressure (max.) 3.5 kPa (maximum standing pressure under abnormal intermittent conditions is 5.0 kPa).

In the case of commercial metering (i.e. 35-37 kPa coming in), there may be a requirement to regulate the incoming line pressure down.
Power Consumption Normal: 55 W
Standby: 8 W
Automatic Frost Protection: 80 W
Safety Devices Flame failure, overheat switch, boiling protection, no water, fusible link, pressure relief valve, combustion fan tachometer, automatic frost protection, and 3 °C over temperature cut-off
Temperature Range 37 °C to 55 °C in 14 steps
Preset Temperatures 40, 50, 55, 75 °C
Water Supply Minimum operating pressure - 70 kPa
Nominal operating pressure - 70-830 kPa
Minimum water flow - 2.7 litres per minute
Weight 22 kg
Market Release 2002
Discontinued 2004
Obsolete April 2013

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