Rinnai INFINITY® VT24 External

Extended two year warranty if installed with controllers
RRP $1,699

Rinnai INFINITY® VT24 External

The Rinnai INFINITY® VT is a continuous flow gas hot water system for external domestic applications. This type of hot water system produces endless hot water, and is a energy efficient water heating system, because it's only on when you need hot water.  

The Rinnai INFINITY® VT range has an improved minimum start-up flow rate, saving on water, and ensuring your Rinnai INFINITY® is future proofed for water efficient tapware.



Suitable for:
• external domestic applications
• low simultaneous hot water demand applications (homes with 1-2 bathrooms).
• mains and medium pressure systems
• solar installations as a gas boost

Hard or acidic water will need to be treated to use this product.

Gas type

General clearances
The following diagram has been provided to assist you in determining where (and if) an external continuous flow water heater can be positioned. If in doubt, prior to purchase, consult a licensed gasfitter.

Clearance below eaves, balconies, and other projections, for all models is 300 mm.

* Rinnai recommend 1.5 m to give enough clearance for the pipe work, and to safely expel flue gases.




188 MJ/h or 52 kW


42.1 kW



Energy Star Rating

REU number: REU-VR2426WG
Factory preset temperature: 55 °C
Rinnai product code INFVT24N/INFVT24L

Capacity Hot water capacity: 1.8-24 litres
Nominal water capacity: 24 litres per minute at a 25 °C rise (1440 L/h)
Connections Hot water outlet: R¾ (20 mm)
Cold water inlet: R¾ (20 mm)
Gas supply: R¾ (20 mm)
Exhaust system Forced flue
Frost protection Fitted as standard.
Frost protection operates automatically, as long as the appliance is connected to the electrical power supply, by activating when the temperature inside the unit drops below 3.5 °C, and turns off once the temperature inside the unit reaches 7 °C.
Ignition system Direct electronic ignition
Injector size NG: 1.0, 1.55
LPG: 0.7, 1.05
Line pressure (min.) NG: 1.13 kPa, LPG: 2.75 kPa
Line pressure (max.)

3.5 kPa (maximum standing pressure under abnormal intermittent conditions is 5.0 kPa).

In the case of commercial metering (i.e. 35-37 kPa coming in), there may be a requirement to regulate the incoming line pressure down.

Power consumption Normal: 47 W (NG), 53 W (LPG), Standby: 2 W, Automatic Frost Protection: 74 W
Pressure relief Valve opens at 2060 kPa, valve closes at 1470 kPa
Noise level 48 dB(A)
NOx af Less than 60 ppm
Safety devices Flame failure, boil-dry protection, fusible link, pressure relief valve and combustion fan rpm check
Water supply Nominal operating pressure: 180-1000 kPa
Activation flow rate: 2.4 litres per minute
Weight 17 kg
Compliance ES: Supplier Declaration of Compliance
Declaration Number: 971220094
• Certificate Number: 6930
Market release 2011

Rinnai INFINITY VT dimensions diagram


Bathroom Deluxe Controller

Bathroom Deluxe Controller
Will run a bath for you, turn off the water, then tell you when it's ready. Adjust the water volume of the bath or shower, temperature and the volume of the voice.

Compact Controller

Compact Controller
Our smallest, most affordable model. This controller can be installed anywhere in the house.

Kitchen Deluxe Controller

Kitchen Deluxe Controller
Designed for kitchens and laundries, works in conjunction with the Bathroom Deluxe Controller. The voice will tell you in the kitchen when your bath is ready.

Rinnai Flue Diverter - Sideways

Rinnai Flue Diverter - Sideways
An accessory that can be fitted to an external Rinnai continuous flow water heater. It is designed to expel combustion products in a sideways direction.

Rinnai Flue Diverter - Upwards

Rinnai Flue Diverter - Upwards
An accessory that can be fitted to an external Rinnai continuous flow water heater. It is designed to expel combustion products in an upwards direction.

Rinnai INFINITY® Pipe Cover

Rinnai INFINITY® Pipe Cover
A Rinnai pipe cover is available for a streamlined appearance, or to add additional protection in exposed installations.

Rinnai INFINITY® Security Bracket

Rinnai INFINITY® Security Bracket
A sturdy security bracket can be installed to act as a permanent deterrent against theft.

Rinnai Recess Box - Composite

Rinnai Recess Box - Composite
The composite recess box (beige) is an affordable alternative to the metal recess box. It enables an external continuous flow gas water heater to be partially recessed into an external wall, behind a door and out of sight.

Rinnai Recess Box - Metal

Rinnai Recess Box - Metal
The metal recess box (white) enables an external continuous flow gas water heater to be recessed (either fully or semi-recessed) into an external wall, behind a door and out of sight.
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