Demand Direct manifold system: Continuous flow hot water on demand

Continuous flow hot water on demand.

Demand Direct manifold system: Continuous flow hot water on demand

Customised hot water system with 2-25 Rinnai INFINITY commercial units electronically manifolded together, using the Rinnai MECS system (manifold electronic control system), on a freestanding skid with insulated pipework. Wall mount and back-to-back systems are also available.

This system can offer energy savings as there are no cylinder heat losses or pilot lights, and the system only uses gas when in operation. Demand Direct provides endless water for applications where there is peak demand for a set period of time.


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Only on when there is hot water demand
  • Outlet temperature is constant, even when flow varies

Ideal for commercial applications where demand can be easily calculated by totalling the full flow from all the outlets used, such as; shower blocks, restaurants, and food processing plants.

Hard or aggressive water will need to be treated in order to use this system, if in doubt please test before use.

Not suitable or approved as a pool heater.

For commercial applications the water heating system must be sized and installed to written guidelines from Rinnai.


398-1194 MJ/h (2-6 INFINITY units)


94-282 kW (2-6 INFINITY units)

Large systems

Up to 25 Rinnai INFINITY units can be manifolded together—only the smaller systems with up to 6 units have been listed on the website. For system specifications on larger systems please contact us.

Standard system codes

- RCWHD400EN/L: 2 x HD200 ext units

- RCWHD600EN/L: 3 x HD200 ext units

- RCWHD800EN/L: 4 x HD200 ext units

- RCWHD1000EN/L: 5 x HD200 ext units

- RCWHD1200EN/L: 6 x HD200 ext units

- RCWHD400FFN/L: 2 x HDi200 int units

- RCWHD600FFN/L: 3 x HDi200 int units

- RCWHD800FFN/L: 4 x HDi200 int units

- RCWHD1000FFN/L: 5 x HDi200 int units

- RCWHD1200FFN/L: 6 x HDi200 int units

Customised systems

Please call to discuss

- EF 420 ext: 2 x EF250 condensing ext units

- EF 630 ext: 3 x EF250 condensing ext units

- EF 840 ext: 4 x EF250 condensing ext units

- HD 500 ext: 2 x HD250 ext units

- HD 750 ext: 3 x HD250 ext units

- EFi 420 int: 2 x EFi250 condensing int units

- EFi 620 int: 3 x EFi250 condensing int units

- EFi 840 int: 4 x EFi250 condensing int units


Cold inlet: 1½ " BSP male (32 mm)

Hot outlet: 1½ " BSP male (32 mm)

Gas: 1½ " BSP male (32 mm)

Alternate connection options are available, please call to discuss.

Circulating ring mains

Demand Direct can be setup on a circulating ring main. For more information please contact Rinnai's specification service.

Ingress protection rating IPX4
Supply pressures

NG: 1.13-3.5 kPa

LPG: 2.75 kPa

Water: 300-1400 kPa

Temperature settings available Standard factory preset is 75 °C. Units can be adjusted via a DIP switch, to deliver 42, 55, 60, 70, 75 and 85 °C. Advise at the time of order, or if on site refer to the back of the installation manual for information on how to change. If using with storage backup the INFINITY units must be set to 75 °C.

Demand Direct dimensions diagram

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