Demand Rapid: Rapid recovery storage system

Smaller commercial rapid recovery storage systems.

Demand Rapid: Rapid recovery storage system

A complete storage hot water system made up of a Rinnai INFINITY HD continuous flow gas water heater (external or internal unit), a pump, a thermostat and controller, and a 315 L Demand Duo cylinder.

How it works
The thermostat senses the temperature of the water in the cylinder, and when it drops below the set point, the pump is activated. The flow then starts the Rinnai INFINITY, which returns heater water to the cylinder.

For smaller commercial (small motels) or larger residential applications where a large quantity of hot water is required quickly, but there is recovery time available before next use. For example filling a machine or filling a spa bath.

Hard or aggressive water will need to be treated in order to use this system. If in doubt please test before use.

Not suitable or approved as a pool heater.

For commercial applications the water heating system must be sized and installed to written guidelines from Rinnai.


195-199 MJ/h


45.1-47 kW


DD1200E315N: HD200 external unit NG

DD1200E315L: HD200 external unit LPG

DD1200I315N: HDi200 internal unit NG

DD1200I315L: HDi200 internal unit LPG


Hot outlet: 32 mm (left side only)

Cold inlet: 32 mm (left side only)

Ingress protection rating IPX4 (cylinder, control box and Rinnai INFINITY)
Thermostat setting The cylinder thermostat is factory set to shutoff at 65 °C. The Rinnai INFINITY is set to 75 °C. No adjustment should be made to these settings.

Empty: 90 kg

Full: 405 kg

Demand Rapid dimensions diagram and delivery rates table

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