2020 Rinnai Regional Learning workshops

This year we are offering 2 ½ hr technical workshops covering 3 subjects.  Check our national map below to see the locations and what month we are likely to be in regions. 

Click the image below to see the full map

Each 2½ hour workshop includes:

      1. New INFINITY N – Series (released in Jan 2020)
      2. New INFINITY E – Series (to be released about March 2020)
      3. How to service an INFINITY. This an overview of the steps and is based on our most popular free on-line course “Infinity Maintenance”.

All regional workshops are Free.

Note:  Registrations are only via the formal registrations page when dates and venues are confirmed. Please do not email us. 


Workshops will be advertised between February and November by email. Emails will be sent to everyone registered in Rinnai TradeSmart. Click here to see how to check if you are registered.

See the current workshops that are open for registrations: