Making the connection to LPG

22 January 2020

So you’ve decided to make the switch to gas but find out after hours of research that your home cannot be connected to the natural gas network. Read More

Top questions from Architects

1 September 2016

Responses from questions raised at the Architect workshop Rinnai ran Read More

How often do I need to get my gas appliance serviced?

1 September 2016

Be sure to get all gas appliances in your home serviced regularly. Read More

5 reasons to switch to mains

1 September 2016

If you’re ‘scheduling’ your shower when someone isn’t using the kitchen tap to avoid an unwelcome blast of cold water, it’s likely your hot water supply is either low or unequal pressure. Read More

How do I choose the right hot water system for my house?

1 September 2016

By far the most efficient way to heat hot water in your home is with natural gas, so the first thing you need to consider is whether you can connect to gas and in particular natural gas. Read More

Is there natural gas in my street?

1 September 2016

Gas is available throughout New Zealand. Natural gas and LPG are available in the North Island, and LPG only in the South Island. Read More